Thursday, July 6, 2017

12 Things You Should Know About Paarpan (Brahmins) of Tamil Nadu

Here are 12 things you should know about Paarpan (Brahmins) of Tamil Nadu. These points are transcript prepared by Suthamalli Ganga. (If you understand Tamil, you can listen to the video at the end of this post)
  1. Why paarpan, not Brahmin – because today’s ‘brahmins’ were doing astrology like others carpentry, or agriculture. Paarpan, a Tamil word for the ‘looker’, ‘marker of future or astrology’ is the self-generated profession of 5% of people who call themselves as a brahmin, because they claim that they came from the mouth of creator ‘brahma’ and rest from lower parts to indicate their lower status.
  2. Parpaans’ Rigveda has Varna or colour system codified in its chapter 10 called Purusha Sutra with the Bhagawat Gita (inserted in Mahabharat – which is the story of a paarpan king, killing Buddhist king by treachery, staring the establishment of paarpan power in India) confirming that assertion. Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, poem 13 glorifies the four-varna system (degrading the majority as shudra and such hard-working farming communities as untouchables)
  3. Go to a group or meeting – A Christian will handshake you, a Muslim will hug you but a paarpan Hindu (Iyer) will say ‘namaskaram’ or ‘namaste’ from a distance because he believes in untouchability
  4. One can become a president but not a priest in Hindu temple because it in India social power is higher than political power (now a paarpan has political power also along with administrative power)
  5. Hindus God starts with Varna, purity, caste because it declares that the creator Brahma – created 5% Brahman from his mouth (95% rest from lower parts to degrade the rest)
  6. Today’s paarpan never tender apology, but only does escapism by saying that what he got to do with their forefather’s mistake injecting caste hierarchies and no corrective actions as well and enjoying all the privileges.
  7. Look at the percentage of 5% paarpan in the judiciary, an administrative service which goes up to 80%. Doesn’t it tell that the paarpan they are holding, all administrative powers along with social and political power even after 70 years of independence?
  8. Hinduism is stamping a lower hierarchy for non-brahmins by grading people based on birth. No other religion has degrading mechanism by birth.
  9. We don’t protest other religions, say Christianity or Islam for having parts such as (protestant/catholic) or Shia and Sunni because parts don’t degrade as caste. The earlier parts such as saivam, vainavam, saitram don’t harm as they only look different ways of looking into one faith and we don’t dislike religion per se, but don’t believe in the idea of God.
  10. Saying, ‘I am a Brahmin’ is like putting a board on your door saying, ‘sacred women live here’ as if the rest of the neighbours are doing prostitution.
  11. Parai is music, a dance form, an art form that includes the music for the war declaration. But reducing Parai only to music for the funeral is wrong. Then paarpan should play their veenai, which is apt for funerals.
  12. Today’s Indian Brahmin or Paarpan were originally from the present-day Syria, who speak Sanskrit. Current research says that these fair skinned were brought by brown and black skilled Tamils into India during their sojourns abroad for trade and war for millennia in some 40 countries and today 80 originals Tamils are living and mixed with other cultures.

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