Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kalapirar - Is it a dark History ?

களப்பிரர் - Kalabhras come into Tamil history around 3rd century. They ruled over the tamil heartland for over three centuries. Later from the 7th century onwards, we get to see the dominance of Pallavas, Pandyas and cholas. Unfortunately, there is very little "popular" historic details about this clan. Very easily the historians have skipped three hundred years and termed it as an interregnum - இருண்ட காலம். The joke is, the most famous tamil literature - Thirukural is from this period. Other classics are Naaladiyar, Inna Narpathu, Iniyavai Narpathu..and many such much for being இருண்ட காலம்!

Jeyamohan, in one of his recent blogs - களப்பிரர் has undermined the importance of researching about this period and why the three hundred years of history has been showcased as a virtual black hole. Interesting read for history enthusiasts.