Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jaffna ..Yapania Jains

The person who has skill to twist the word Yapania to Yazhpanam was very potential script writer. according to his story , There was a blind  Harp or yazh instrument player. One time he was played his  harp or yaazh in the court of Jaffna king. As a blind person he had to hide behind the screen and played his so called Yazh instrument. The king was impress by his music and donate  a land called Manarri. So the land gifted to Yazh player becomes yazhpaanam .Paanar means singer.Its  a good story for a drama.
This story has all imaginary beauty. Blind person playing Music in behind the screen of  Royal court is very good scene for any cinema.  His music was attracted the King then he had donated huge village as a gift to the blind Musician so the land become Yazhpaanam. What total fiction presented as a history to the generations? What is base for this story? None .
In jaffna no body ever saw that instrument so yaazh or inidan harp. People also not very music supporters to believe this heritage of music or so called yaazh players.This type of soft fine art nature is not existed in the history of jaffna  Instead of music this Jaffna  has a history of rigid religious rules and practice such as viradhams.
The name of the city of  Yazhpaanam or yarlpaanam is not comes from the folkloric story of blind  Yazh (Indian Harp) Musician Yazhpaadi. Imagination further goes, The king should not see a blind person so he had listen his music behind the curtain. As usual king was attracted by his music and donated the land called manarri . This land then Re Christine as Yazhppaanam .  So called historians never try to bring any valuable reason to believe this story. These type of royal nostalgic  stories are  very common in India.