Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Clear proof emerged from the site of 8000 Samanar's were massacred .

What happen to 8000 Samana's in the hands of Thiru Gnana Sampanthar and his followers? Or he was a scape goat and some body els was behind this physical elimination process?
According to Shaiva historians, they were defeated by  Sampanthar in so called "punal vaatham" and "anal vaatham". what is this vaatham? Vaatham is debate in Tamil, that mean they have to argue with ideological ground, just like any social debates. But this historic debate were occurred in a manner of black Magic.Sampanthar and Samana saints had put their palm leaves in  flowing water and Sampanthar's palm leaves did not gone with the water flow. This was the so called Punal vaatham. When they were put in fire and Sampanthar's  palm leaves did not burn in to ash.This was the Anal vaatham.Typical stories from  mental hospitals. So the King Ninraseer Nedumaran and his Brahmin gangs had massacred.
This holocaust was instigated by   Nayanar and his people.This nayanar is a Shaivite Brahmin.Who was the real culprit behind this heinous crime against  native people?  This episode is well glorified by the followers of Shaiva cult.I could not see any heroism or humanism in this brutal Kaluvetram massacre of Samana/Jain monks.
Who are those so called Samana's? They are sons of soil.They had many type of native believe systems.Generally they are Samanar's or Jain's.Actually this religion is not a religion in the sense of other organized religions.
Organized religion is entirely a foreign idea.It was brought up  by Brahmins, early christians and muslims.
Sanmargam or Samanam was practice in India,even before the invention of Vedham or Veda.Other name for this belief is Jainism, it's a twisted word of gyan or gnanam.

Un organize religion is a most liberal way of spiritual seekers. Narrow minded power hungers and self fish money suckers convert this liberal system as organize movements.Shaivism and Vaishnavism are simply a organized political movements with the spiritual colors. Brahmin spin masters took all ideas from Samanar's and just twisted everything according to their own agendas.

The brahmins are traditional meat eaters. Vedha did not preach vegetarianism. All their Yagams (yagnams) are done in a simple butchering manner. They cut animals in to pieces and burned in the fire for eating.Actually this is what still in many tribal people does in their community events.When they had saw that Samanar/Jains are pure vegetarians and they are respected by the masses, then only they themselves becomes vegetarians.Their  is not a single evidence in the history that Samanar'/Jains  forced brahmins to become vegetarian.
This cult could be  a best tool in the hands of social exploiters. Many of the  chera chola pandya pallava kings saw the potentiality of this cult.
Priests and rulers are direct benefiters of this religious  conversions. How they are succeeded in their mission? They used several tactics such as brutal killings and all type of fear mongering.They had took all Samana literatures and put the label of brahmin flavors. Thirukural is great Samana literature but they had tried to establish that is hindu literature. Fortunately, now every body knew that Thiruvalluvar is a great Samanr/Jain teacher and his thirukural is Samana text.
My real intention of this article is about the history of 8000 samana saints massacred by thiru gnana sampanthar.
We can't simply accept this as another divine glory by brahmins/shaiva/vaishnavit organized campaign against the humanity.
Samanars are truth seekers of spirituality. They were converted to be a  blind followers of hinduism/brahminism.Intellectual laziness was systematically planted in the minds of masses. Brahmins use their rituals for fear mongering.Kings had saw this as huge opportunity to cheat people.Both parties use this twisting process from the seventh century.Most probably with the massacre of 8000 Samana saints.If not so then why did they  killed?
This is why our people are so eager to follow some thing or somebody always.Hero worshiping is become a deep rooted culture in south asia. Even film actors are become as gods.
Fans are even ready to die for their cine heros and political leaders. These type of persons are worst byproduct of brahminism. 

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