Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jaffna ..Yapania Jains

The person who has skill to twist the word Yapania to Yazhpanam was very potential script writer. according to his story , There was a blind  Harp or yazh instrument player. One time he was played his  harp or yaazh in the court of Jaffna king. As a blind person he had to hide behind the screen and played his so called Yazh instrument. The king was impress by his music and donate  a land called Manarri. So the land gifted to Yazh player becomes yazhpaanam .Paanar means singer.Its  a good story for a drama.
This story has all imaginary beauty. Blind person playing Music in behind the screen of  Royal court is very good scene for any cinema.  His music was attracted the King then he had donated huge village as a gift to the blind Musician so the land become Yazhpaanam. What total fiction presented as a history to the generations? What is base for this story? None .
In jaffna no body ever saw that instrument so yaazh or inidan harp. People also not very music supporters to believe this heritage of music or so called yaazh players.This type of soft fine art nature is not existed in the history of jaffna  Instead of music this Jaffna  has a history of rigid religious rules and practice such as viradhams.
The name of the city of  Yazhpaanam or yarlpaanam is not comes from the folkloric story of blind  Yazh (Indian Harp) Musician Yazhpaadi. Imagination further goes, The king should not see a blind person so he had listen his music behind the curtain. As usual king was attracted by his music and donated the land called manarri . This land then Re Christine as Yazhppaanam .  So called historians never try to bring any valuable reason to believe this story. These type of royal nostalgic  stories are  very common in India.

 Now the question is, if this story is not true then what is the real history of Yazhpaanam or Jaffna?

Jainism and budhism are chased away by the Brahmanism .Brshmistic  bakthi cult spread all over the south India,

Jain Centers in south inida such as in kanchipuram or Mahaplipuram  came to the End,

There are two major sect of Jainismm Digamber and Swethamber , Digamber jainsim practicing very rigid form of religious austerities such as Nudism. This could be the reason for jaffna males not allowed in temples with top cloths ,its looks that all men are in semi nude parade. Another sub sect of YAPANIA was a missing part of this Digamber sect.

This Yapania sect lost its root and last known information in  jain history is Nandi Hills and ended in South west karnataka near to Kerala border.

Fear of persecution was very high. Brahmin forces supported by local kings and religious hierarchy was so determined get rid of jains and Budhist. This was evident beyond any single doubt,

According to almost all tamil devarams are spread hate against jainism / samanars and budhism,

All available scriptures are simply one sided story . Because the persecution against jainism / samanar and budhist was understandably high.

Different district in tamilnadu speaking with different accent.  People from madurai or chenna or coimbotore are speaking with different type of sentences and accent. But one thing is commonm their voice start from very deep throat unlike malayalam or jaffna tamil or even karnatakam.

Jaffna tamil accent is very close to malayalam of kerala and karnatakam of karnataka. Jaffna peoples tamil is starting from very shallow area of throat,

For an example the alphabet A is mostly using is as in bad or frank rather than in Fast or Hard., These type of accent is common phenomena of kerala karnataka and Jaffna,

South western highlands were ideal county side for hiding.

High hill forest could be given temporary shelter for Yappania people,

Kerala and Jaffna has very long traditional connections.Because of proximity they were very common life style such as eating, dressing and other social systems such as thesavalamai. Above all Kerala Karnataka and Jaffna societies surprisingly Matriarchy  societies.

 Visible examples such as style of speaking and language, Food habits above all rigid form of religious practices in Jaffna is more close to the hardcore Digamber Yappania sect rather than typical indian or Tamilnadu version of hindusim.

Especially jaffna people very very strictly practicing half naked dress cord for men. Tamil nadu temples are open men with out any pecullior control. But in Jaffna men are not allowed were shirts or any top dresses. It looks that all men are half naked in temple vicinity. Its some thing very close Ideology to the Digamber Yapania naked sadhus.

Jaffna religion very strictly practicing this rule with out any concrete evidence from any hindu religious books, How this practice come to jaffna has no serious answer from Hindu religion. But very good reason form Jains or Samanar.

 Surdas, the deeply influential bhakti poet-saint was born blind. As a young boy, he left his family to join a group of traveling devotional singers. The mighty emperor Akbar was a patron of Surdas and his music. In the absence of authentic records, there is little information available about the many aspects of Surdas’s life. Sur-Sagar, which is considered as one of Surdas’s greatest works originally consisted of over 100,000 poems, of which about 8000 have survived.

Existing matrifocal cultures

    The Bunts community in Mangalore and Udupi (South India) historically follow a matrilineal system. This system was common to many communities in coastal Karnataka and Kerala. It was called Aliya-Sanatana and as well Aliya Kattu. The Gotras or bari were passed from mother to children. In Aliya-Santana, inheritance is passed through the matrilineal family. The brother managed the land on behalf of his sister. His sister's son in turn would inherit the management of the matrilineal family land. There are many Bunt households, each with their own name. In addition, each matrilineal household had a surname associated with it, and the children would take their matrilineal family surname. Traditionally, a Bunt would put the name of his matrilineal household in front of his name and his matrilineal surname at the end.


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